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Terms of Service


Nottingham is a mobile app, owned by VRx Medical Inc., with offices at 1345 Encinitas Blvd. #335, Encinitas, CA, 92024, USA.


Through these general terms of service VRx Medical Inc., which owns Nottingham, establishes certain conditions for the mobile app, with relation to its use by users, and they constitute an agreement between the user and the company for the correct and proper use of the app, regulated in accordance to the laws of the State of Delaware, when applicable, and as it is at the time of the use of the app by the user.


1. General conditions

1.1 Acceptance of the terms: The use of Nottingham requires the continuous acceptance and adherence to these terms of service. The act of use of the app shall constitute tacit acceptance of them in their latest version at the time of the use of the app.


1.2 Nature of the app: Nottingham works through image alteration as applied to image capturing technology and augmented reality. Nottingham is not a medical treatment or constitute one in any way, and VRx Medical Inc. does not state or warrant the provision of any therapeutic quality on the part of the app.


1.3 Accessibility: Nottingham is optimized to work with the following devises and operating systems:


OPERATING SYSTEMS:  IOS 8 and above, KitKat and above


At the same time, the proper use of Nottingham requires the availability and correct function of a camera on the device, which is essential to the game mechanics of the app.


1.4 Ownership and license: Nottingham, and its content, including but not limited to, its processes, concepts, techniques, mechanics, software elements, source code, graphical elements, systems, interfaces, texts, images, sounds, illustrations, designs, data, trademarks, names, logos, and others of the same nature, are creations owned by VRx Medical Inc., Copyright © 2018, VRx Medical Inc., all rights reserved worldwide. The download of the app in no way constitutes a transferal of ownership or rights. The use of the app is subject to a user license, which cannot be sublicensed, transferred, and does not include any publishing, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, communication rights, or any other rights, other than those necessary to the strict natural use of the app.


1.5 Editing of the terms: VRx Medical Inc. may, at any moment, and for any cause, including mere will, modify these terms.


1.6 Transferal of rights: VRx Medical Inc. may, at any moment, transfer the app in its entirety or any right on it, including all data stored in it.


1.7 Applicable law: These terms and any interaction that may arise between the user and VRx Medical Inc. shall be under the laws of the state of Delaware.


2. Restrictions of use


2.1 The use of the app is restricted to people of 18 years of age or older, legally capable in accordance to the law, regardless of their nationality or place of residence.

2.2 The user shall be at all times obligated to use the app in such a way as to ensure that at no point he/she proceeds to:

2.2.1 The illicit use of the app, its use for illicit ends, or use that goes beyond or against its mechanics, functionality and purpose.

2.2.2 Cause damage to the app in any way.

2.2.3 Access or attempt to access, use, or manipulate, data or information stores in the app, as well as any acts of reverse engineering, modification of the app, or access to its source code.

2.2.4 Access these terms, and/or alter them in any way.


3. Limitations on liability

3.1 VRx Medical Inc. does not warrant the user:

3.1.1 The continuous availability of the app or its support, having the right to end it at any time and for any reason.

3.1.2 Any medical or therapeutic quality to the app.

3.1.3 The absence of computer viruses or other hazardous elements in the app that may have been introduced by unauthorized third parties, that may cause damage to the physical or logical systems of the users device, or the electronic information stored in its systems.


4. Free Trial Terms


4.1 The app is available without charge (whether as part of a free trial, beta-release, special event promotion or otherwise) until the earlier of (a) the end of the period for which the user registered to use the app without payment, (b) the start date of a paid subscription option, or (c) termination by VRx Medical at any time in its sole discretion.

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