Garland Wong

Co-Founder & Chairman

Garland Wong is a global serial entrepreneur who has co-founded numerous companies in every major continent and has been involved in raising over $50 million in venture capital.

Christian Sapunar


Christian is a business engineer with postgraduate studies in economics at Georgetown University. He has been leading business growth and innovation in the mobile industry and technological sector for over 20 years. He recently co-founded and participated at the board of several digital payment companies.

Paul Lafferty

General Manager, USA

Paul has over 30 years of experience in software development and technology management experience. Paul is responsible for operations and business development for VRx Medical in the United States. Paul currently sits on the San Diego board for the Arthritis Foundation.

Pradeep Sehgal

General Manager, Hardware & Manufacturing

Lt. Col. Pradeep Sehgal served in the Indian army for 22 years and stepped out to pursue his interests in the technology domain. He ventured in the gaming and technology industry in 2006 and has overseen development of innovative products in Virtual Reality that enhance the quality of life of patients with chronic pain and phantom limb pain.



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